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Jamie started THRIVE in 2015 when she gathered a group of six fellow artists together to share about the ups and downs of being professionals in a difficult field. That first group of artists met on a monthly basis for six months and supported one another immensely. Jamie saw a huge need for women to support other women and for artists to choose community over competition. The monthly group meetings are now called THRIVE Mastermind and there are over 150 members in Vancouver and around the world.
Jamie and her partner at THRIVE, paper artist Tara Galuska, have now made it their mission to support female artists. They know being an artist is very important and often lonely work, they believe that to be thriving artists we must make art, meet our people and do the work. They provide support, accountability and motivation to their members every month through THRIVE Mastermind, THRIVE Talks, THRIVE Art School and the THRIVE Talks Podcast.  
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